Diploma of Training Design and Development

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  • Course Name:Diploma of Training Design and Development
  • Module / Course Number:TAE50216
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  • Time:N/A
  • Location:Self Paced

Section A - Your Details

Do you have an existing USI (Unique Student Indentifier)?

Section B - Employment Details

Section C - Learner Requirements

Do you have any special needs of which we should be aware of? i.e (disability, dietary, literacy / numeracy)

Section D - Payment Information

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Cost of Service (COS) Information - for company bookings only

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Section E - Self Assessment

This self-assessment has been designed to help establish the prior skills and knowledge of participants before attending any Schrole ETAS programs related to the Training and Education Training Package, specifically the Certificate IV Training and Assessment. 

Please state whether you have experience in any of the following:

Preparing and conducting training sessions

Preparing and conducting assessments (including VOCs)

Knowledge and application of different assessment methods

Designing learning programs and assessment materials

Interpreting and applying internal training/assessment related policies and procedures

Knowledge and application of workplace health and safety policies and procedures

Do you have at least 3 years' industry area and subject matter experience to deliver training in the workplace?


Section F - Supporting Documents

The below docments are optional, however it's always helpful for us to have additional information. 

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Max.1MB (.pdf, .doc, .jpg)