Maurice Wesson


Maurice Wesson
Training Specialist

Past credentials and experiences: His past credentials include a Bachelor of Training and Development, 20 years in the military and 15 years in the Special Air Service Regiment (SAS).  Past experiences include working for ERGT, Rio Tinto and FESA in training and safety positions.

Favourite aspect of working at Schrole: It's great meeting new people for every course that I run and work as a part of a committed team.

Favourite quote: Learning is expensive, but try the alternative.

Motivators:  He is always looking at improving the way he does things.

Favourite movie:  Shawshank Redemption.

World problem to solve: That eduction would be available for all people.

Nerdiest leisure time activity: Wearing pyjamas.

Superpower: His superpower would be to get rid of cancer.