Jane Lawson

Jane Lawson
RTO Manager

Past credentials and experiences: She has been an RTO manager with Schrole for the past 18 months.  Previously she has held positions in Business Development and as a Training and Assessment trainer.   She has worked in the VET industry for the past 10 years specialising in Training and Assessment and Leadership and Management.  Prior to this she spent 8 years in London working in mainstream High School's with special needs children.
While there she also obtained her Bachelor's degree in Education Studies and History from London Metropolitan University.

Favourite aspect of working at Schrole: She enjoys the supportive, collaborative and fast pace environment. At Schrole Develop everyone works together as a team and strives to continually improve processes and be the best we can be.

Professional motivators: As a manager she believes it is important to deliver clear and consistent messages to the team.  She is driven to do what she says she is going to do and provide support and respect for each member of the team.

World problem to solve: Access to education for everyone.

Worst punishment at school: When she talked to much in class, which was often, she was sent to the withdrawal room, where you had to sit in silence for the day.  TORTURE!

Superpower: Invisibility - to be a fly on the wall.