Short Courses

Coaching and Mentoring
Diverse Teams

This course will provide you with the necessary skills to identify, analyse and engage with a diverse workforce to maximise the benefit of
diversity to your organisation

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This course provides you with skills to provide leadership, support &  guidance to team members; take responsibility for the effective performance &
productivity of the team

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Planning, Improvement
& Innovation

This course focuses on acquiring the required skills to plan, implement and monitor operational and continuous improvement systems to achieve your organisation's objectives
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Safety and Risk
For Supervisors

This course will provide you
with the skills and knowledge
to understand the different
state and territory
safety legislation

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Make Presentations

This course covers the skills
and knowledge required to prepare,
deliver and review a presentation
to a target audience

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Enterprise Trainer - Mentoring  skill set

This course provides tools for mentors to train,
support and coach new or less experienced
individuals in achieving skills confidence to
undertake new tasks

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Train and Manage
Diverse Teams

This course identifies the behaviours, skills and
knowledge that trainers, supervisors and
managers require to train and manage a
diverse work team effectively

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