Manage Business Operational Plans


Organisations can develop great strategic plans to achieve their goals, however their success will be determined by the implementation of operational plans across each of their business units.  Gain the relevant tools and techniques  to create, implement and manage effective operational plans to achieve your strategic goals.

   BSBOPS502 -   Manage business operational plans





Course overview

Schrole Develop’s Manage Business Operational Plans course is a one–day workshop designed for managers responsible for implementing their organisation’s operational plans in their business unit or department.
This course covers the development and monitoring of implemented operational plans to support efficient and effective workplace practices and organisational productivity and profitability and incorporates the management of resources.
The Manage Business Operational Plans course incorporates the following  accredited unit of competency:
  • BSBOPS502 - Manage business operational plans

Target audience

This course is ideal for supervisors to middle management level or those responsible for project management within an organisation. It is also suitable for  leaders of continuous improvement who are required to address specific issues.


Learning outcomes

Course delivery

Face to face classroom delivery

The Manage Business Operational Plans course is delivered over 1 day as a real-time face to face online workshop.
Alternative workshop delivery timelines can be discussed.

The workshop will include training delivery and practice activities including scenarios using sample operational plans. Learners will complete their assessments in the workplace and a follow up session will be conducted for learners to present their operational plan to the assessor.

The facilitator will provide monthly coaching sessions and additional support to individual learners who wish to undertake assessments in their own time, approximately 20-30 hours.

Each class size will be limited to between 8 and 12 participants.

Recognition of prior learning

Recognition of prior learning is suitable for individuals who have evidence of previous skills and experience in a management or supervisory role.  This could be experience from formal or informal education or previous work experience.

If the learner believes they may be eligible for recognition of prior learning please complete our RPL/Credit Transfer Application Form or contact us on 08 9230 7010 to speak to one of our experienced facilitators.  Please read our Recognition Policy regarding recognition of prior learning.
Get in touch with us to discuss your options and pricing available for your school 
Pre- course information
Prior to enrolling into this course please review the following information that outlines all terms and conditions and the learner’s rights and responsibilities.

LLN and assessment support

This course requires individuals to have a high level of language, literacy and numeracy skills for individuals to analyse and implement operational activities.  As part of the enrolment process, individuals are required to complete a language, literacy, and numeracy skills assessment, which allows the facilitator to determine the support that is required throughout the course.

The LLN skills assessment will be emailed to the learner upon receipt of their completed enrolment form.  Please submit the completed skills assessment at least two days prior to the course start date.

Learners will not be required to complete another LLN skills assessment if they have completed it before for any other course(s) from the BSB42015 Certificate IV in Leadership & Management course.

Learners have access to the assessors for additional support with assessments.  For further information please refer to our Student Handbook.

Appeals and complaints

If a learner has an issue with any aspect of their training course, they should bring this to the attention of their trainer or to the RTO Manager of Schrole Develop who will attempt to resolve this in an informal  manner to the learner’s satisfaction.

If the learner is not satisfied with the outcome of the informal complaint, they may lodge a formal complaint by completing the formal Complaint and Appeals Form.  This will be dealt with in accordance with the Complaints and Appeals Policy.

Learners have the right to appeal the outcome of an assessment decision if they are dissatisfied and feel they have been dealt with unfairly. This can be done by completing the Complaint and Appeals Form.  The appeal will be dealt with in accordance with the Complaints and Appeals Policy.

Fees and refunds

Schrole Develop has a fair and equitable refund policy designed to safeguard all learners ensuring compliance with the Standards for RTOs 2015.    Prior to enrolment please review our Fees and Refund Policy.

Credit transfers

Schrole Develop recognises qualifications and statements of attainment issued by other Registered Training Organisations.  Learners who have successfully completed any of the equivalent units of competency with another RTO can apply for a credit transfer.  

Learners may apply for a Credit Transfer for any of the equivalent unit by submitting an RPL/Credit Transfer Application Form and Verification of Qualification Permission Form along with original or certified certificates and record of results or a statement of attainment, by uploading both forms and evidence here.


This program is designed around the Australian Qualification Framework, therefore the completion of assessments in this program will provide 4 credits towards a Diploma of Leadership and Management, however completion of assessments is optional.

A statement of attainment will be issued for the units of competency after learners have attended the course and are deemed competent in their assessments for each of these units of competency.

Completion of the Diploma of Leadership and Management may provide credits towards a 3- or 4 year bachelor’s degree.

Additional information

Please review our Student Handbook and Policies and Procedures prior to enrolment which contains further information relating to learner enrolments.