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Schrole Develop Press Release September 2020

ETAS Group announces major rebrand to Schrole Develop

Western Australian based RTO Schrole ETAS has unveiled a new name and new logo as part of its rebranding initiative. The new brand will now be known as Schrole Develop, effective as of 1 September 2020.

The rebrand initiative will provide a platform to grow on the RTO’s extensive knowledge and experience in the training sector, while aligning itself alongside the other brands in the Schrole Group.

Managing Director Rob Graham said “The rebrand of Schrole ETAS to Schrole Develop represents a major milestone for the Schrole Group as it is the first step of many in our transformation into an education HR technology platform providing a variety of modules and professional development services.

With over 26 years in the industry the company has built a reputation for delivering high quality, customisable training courses to a wide variety of clients.”
Schrole Develop will continue to foster these values while offering a larger portfolio of courses for the domestic and international markets,” he said.

The rebrand represents a significant step in the company’s evolution to keep up with the current global environment and the market demand for quality, customisable training courses.

RTO Manager Jane Lawson said “This rebrand offers us a natural step to work alongside Schrole’s other brands and to integrate features and share students/clients.
We still offer the same high-quality training and assessment service and continue to meet our core values.”

The new name and logo were developed through a collaborative process and reflects the company’s passion and desire to help individuals cultivate growth and professional development through cognitive thinking.