Jane Lawson

Jane Lawson
RTO Manager

Past credentials and experiences: I have been an RTO manager with Schrole for the past 18 months, previously I have held positions in Business Development and as a Training and Assessment trainer.   I have worked in the VET industry for the past 10 years specialising in Training and Assessment and Leadership and Management.  Prior to this I spent 8 years in London working in mainstream High School's with special needs children and where I also obtained my Bachelor's degree in Education Studies and History from London Metropolitan University

Favourite aspect of working at Schrole: I enjoy the supportive, collaborative and fast pace environment. At Schrole Develop we work together as a team and strive to continually improve processes and be the best we can be

Professional motivators: As a manager it is important to deliver clear and consistent messages to the team.  I am driven to do what I say I am going to do and provide support and respect for each member of the team

World problem to solve: Access to education for everyone

Worst punishment at school: When I talked to much in class, which was often, I was sent to the withdrawal room.  You had to sit in silence for the day.  TORTURE!

Superpower: Invisibility - to be a fly on the wall