About Us

Schrole Develop (formerly known as Schrole ETAS) is Western Australia’s premier Registered Training Organisation, and we have been successfully delivering exceptional outcomes across a wide range of disciplines since 1994. Our training is nationally accredited and internationally recognised so no matter where you want to take your career, or your company, you can have peace of mind that your qualifications have been awarded by a well-respected educational institution.
Being a private training provider means that we can be flexible and responsive. Schrole Develop is large enough to be able to deliver to the international market, yet flexible enough to be agile and adaptable to a range of client needs. Through collaborative working relationships with our clients, we ensure that each organisation's unique training needs are met, and hence Schrole Develop has become the RTO of choice for innovative companies from around the globe.
We have a diverse portfolio of experience and some of our previous project work includes:

  • Development of training systems
  • Consultancy of learning and assessment requirements
  • Implementation of training solutions
  • Training needs analysis activities
  • Contextualisation of training and assessment materials to specific needs
  • Development of career pathway programs linked to competencies and qualifications
  • Management of traineeship programs
  • Delivery of management qualifications
  • Delivery of training and assessment qualifications
  • Auspicing of qualifications

Every industry is unique, so why engage in run-of-the-mill training? In order to compete on a national, or even international scale you need to work with a training organisation who is as individual and exceptional as you are.

Please note participation in any training course does not guarantee an employment outcome or successful completion of the course. 

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